Antenna analyzer "SECTOR-200+"

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Antenna analyzer "SECTOR-200+", software developed by Yury Kuchura, EU1KY©

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  • Operates in the range from 500kHz to 450MHz.
  • Measures the SWR and the active and reactive component of the antenna input impedance.
  • The device can work as a frequency generator and as a reflectometer.
  • All measurements are displayed on a large 4.3"color screen.
  • The measured readings can be saved to the SD card. In the future, the data can be easily downloaded to your computer.
  • The use of the touch screen allowed to abandon the mechanical controls: on the body of the device there are no buttons or adjustment knobs. All controls are simple and intuitive.

Инструкция по эксплуатации (АА-SECTOR_2021.pdf, 1,965 Kb) [Download]