SO2R - Audiocontroller for HF radio

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SO2R device allows you to implement various options for switching the receiving signals on one headphone from two transceivers Radio-A and Radio-B, with the ability to connect and listen to the third radio! The device fully controls the reception / transmission modes of radio-a and Radio-B transceivers and has a built-in blocker for simultaneous switching on of transmitters.

• No programming required;

* Independent radio-A and Radio-B volume control;

• One microphone input and one headphone output;

* Separate output for audio recording or additional headphones;

* Separate computer a and b audio inputs with microphone lock;

* Separate PTT inputs for pedals, and for PTT signals from computers a and B;

* TxGND outputs for Radio-A and Radio-B;

* Instant switching of switching options with 5 buttons;

* Indication of all modes by LEDs;

* Switching options: listening in Rx / Tx mode only Radio-A; listening in Rx / Tx mode only Radio-B; simultaneously stereo reception-Radio-A and Radio-B; stereo listening: Rx-Radio-A at the time when Tx-Radio-B, and Vice versa; switching both ears to Radio-A at the time when Tx-Radio-B and Vice versa; other combinations... with listening separately Rx-Radio;

* Independently adjust the volume level of each channel;

* Switch to electret or dynamic microphone;

* +12V power supply (standard);

* 220V power supply (optional).

Мануал SO2R (SO2R.pdf, 1,775 Kb) [Download]

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